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“Up To You,” written with producer Jon Weisberger, delves deeper into Leach’s propensity for thoughtful lyrics and his fondness for the progressive and newgrass-flavored sounds of musical progenitors like the Country Gentlemen and Cliff Waldron & the New Shades of Grass.  The band—Miranda Leach (vocals), Joshua Gooding (mandolin, vocals), Jason Johnson (banjo) and JT Coleman (bass), along with guest violinist Chris Sexton of Nothin’ Fancy and legendary studio drummer Tony Creasman—delivers a solid groove and supple, distinctive solos, as Leach delivers a meditation on how our views of situations reflect our individual outlooks and experiences.

“I am very excited to release ‘Up To You,’” notes Leach.  “I brought the idea to Jon a few months back about an optimist and a pessimist on a trip together, and how each of them viewed a stressful situation. After writing for a bit, we decided to let the listener be the one to decide if they thought of themselves as a positive thinker or a negative thinker. I also want to compliment the band on how tastefully they played and sang on this track. I hope this song will cause the listener to think about how they deal with situations, all while groovin’ to the music—but at the end of the day, take it exactly how you want, it’s completely ‘up to you.’”


The group’s cover of Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away” foregoes the ‘grassy accents of the banjo and delivers instead a carefully crafted yet utterly natural reading that focuses tightly on the singing of Alex and Miranda.  Framed by Leach’s inventive guitar figures and Sexton’s subtle violin, the husband and wife duo reveal Simon’s enigmatic parables with intimate, sympathetic tone and phrasing, making the familiar masterpiece feel as if it’s being heard for the first time.

“I have always had a broad taste in music, and regardless of what genre it’s thrown into, a good song is a good song in my book,” Leach observes. “Simon and Garfunkel always caught my ear with their harmonies, and even though Paul Simon recorded ‘Slip Slidin’ Away’ as a solo track, he and Art sang it as a duet years after it was released. It was the duet version that gave me the inspiration for our arrangement, with the instrumentation and crisscrossed harmony parts between Miranda and me. It was so fun to record and I think it broadens the spectrum for the band and their versatility. We have many surprises up our sleeve, and this may be a little glimpse of more things that are in store. Enjoy!”


With their first full-length album for Mountain Home Music Company, the Alex Leach Band and its youthful leader make a bold statement that their fresh take on bluegrass — one that draws on a wide-ranging set of historical sounds, yet remains as authentic as Alex himself — is just what 2021 needs.

Produced by award-winning Americana music icon, Jim Lauderdale, I’m The Happiest When I’m Moving — now available wherever music is streamed and sold — shows off a healthy dose of creativity that builds on, but is never overwhelmed by influences that range from Leach’s tenure as a member of the veteran Clinch Mountain Boys to the exuberant sounds of a myriad of obscure and semi-obscure groups that he has been spinning on-air since he was a pre-teenaged DJ at Knoxville’s legendary WDVX.
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